The Rules

Warmachine / Hordes Pairs Tournament

Friday: 6-10pm


Qualification: Top 2 Teams (4 Players) qualify for Sunday Master of the Alamo Finals.

Warmachine / Hordes 3 Commanders Team Tournament

This event will pit teams of three against each other in a chess-style tournament. Each of the three players will be ranked by skill level: General, Captain, and Lieutenant. Each rank will be matched against the same rank during matches.

Saturday: 10am-6pm

32 teams maximum, 3 players per team (96 players)

Format: Finals

Winners will be determined by composite of individual team member records with Assassination scoring for tiebreakers.

Qualification: Top team after 4 rounds qualifies for the Sunday Master of the Alamo Finals.

Warmachine / Hordes Mangled Metal / Tooth & Claw

Sunday: 10am-3pm


Warmachine / Hordes Master of the Alamo

The Warmachine/Hordes Master of the Alamo event will be a test of will, fortitude and skill. The combined top 16 players from the three preliminary events will see will square off against one another in Sundays Finals, where there can be only one.

Qualifier Events:

Format: Saturday Qualifier

Format: Sunday Finals

The lists and the faction for the finals do not have to be the same list and the faction played in the preliminaries events.

Iron Arena

All weekend, day or night, WarmaHordes players will be able to participate in the Iron Arena! Earn "skulls" for every game you play, then turn in your skulls for amazing prizes! Earn more skulls through incentives like playing new opponents or larger games. The more games you play, the more skulls you earn. Bring an army and play against an opponent in this open-play format.