Who's Coming!

Check this page regularly to see who you'll meet at the tournament. If it has been more than a week since you paid, and you are still marked as unpaid, please contact us and we'll get it sorted out.

Your space is not reserved until it is paid for. 49 slots remain!

NameGaming ClubPaid?
Antonio CedenoYes
Brad MathisYes
Brandon Roth 
Brandon Sullivan No
Brian HartRedstar/NGO
Bullymike Cave 
Caleb Walke 
Chris Carlile
Chris LongFly Lords 
Christopher ArringtonIndomitable 40k 
Christopher GunterEndless Gaming
Christopher WalkerWAAC Society
Colin McDadeNo 
Corpus Tournament ChampCorpus  
Daniel MorrisNo 
Darryl VaughnYes
Eric Buchegeradeptus shenanigus
Eric SmithCorpus  
Jason walker 
Jay RoyAdeptus Shenanigus
Jimmy JohnsonRed Star
Joe ShidelerGolar's 222nd
John CookNo
John Wayne CookNo
Johnathan LindsleyFNP Wargamers and Atomic Hobby Shop 
Kingsley daKingNo 
Kristopher Glenn Bossyes 
Matt Steward Yes
Matthew BurgettVenomous war gaming
Michael DehoyosNGO
Mike BrownYes 
Nathan MorrisNo 
Patrick Morrisno 
T.J. CollierFNP Wargamers
Thomas P. Reidy III aka Goatboy No
William IveyYes
William travis edgeGolar's 222nd 
Zachary Doig