Who's Coming!

Check this page regularly to see who you'll meet at the tournament. If it has been more than a week since you paid, and you are still marked as unpaid, please contact us and we'll get it sorted out.

Your space is not reserved until it is paid for. 6 slots remain!

NameGaming ClubPaid?
Aaron Mays
Alex Arbuckle 
Andrew Carlson222nd
Andrew FordName Pending
Anthony EmerickBABs 
Benjamin R RobertsChaotic Stupid Gaming
Brandon Roth
Brandon SchwingerAdeptus Shenanigans
Brian garrettHeresy n' Hops 
brian hartnone -yet
Brian SchwingerAdeptus Shenanigus
Bruce MerkerTexas WAAC Society
C.J BandaRed star 
Chris CarlileAdeptus Shenanigus
Chris CokerWAAC
Christian alessiTeam zero comp 
Christian RiceFat Ogre
Christopher Arrington Grumpytroll Productions
Clay Gow
Clifton JacksonGolar's 222nd 
Clifton RussellTexas WAAC Society
cody wilkersonRSG BOII!!!!
Colin McDadeRed Star
Colin McKenzie Houston - 290 Bunker 
Corpus ChampCorpus
Dan ReynoldsAdeptus Shenanigus
Dane WilletteChaotic Stupid Gaming
Daniel MartinGolar's 222nd
David GaitherGolar's 222nd 
David Lapping
David PadillaRed Star
David VillarealRed Star Gaming 
Eric Buchegerred star
Eric garciaAlien worlds 
Eric TadtNGO
Frank S WacholtzRed Star
Gage ChronisterFat ogre  
Greg GonzalezFreelancers
Greg Harris
Jack Zigtema222nd 
Jackson StanfordLone Star Legion
Jake GonzalezFreelancers
JAMES SIDESGolars 222nd
James West
Jeffrey MerrickRed Star
Jesse metzgerFat ogre
Joe BeddoeAdeptus Shenanigus
Joel Ivy 
John CookAdeptus Shenanigus
John Gries Heresy n' Hops 
John R. Armstrong290 Bunker Guys
John smithRed star
John StanfordLone Star Legion
John Wayne CookAdeptus Shenanigus
Joseph Rexer
Kingsley CoppingerAdepticus Shananigans
Kristopher G. Boss 
Lance St. Germain
Marc TomlinsonOrlando Hereticus
Matt WaldronTeam Critical Failure
Matthew AlleeAdeptus Shenanigus
Matthew Troy
Michael Dehoyos NGO
Michael t GarciaAlien worlds 
Nate BatesVoF
Nate GoodfellowTexas WAAC Society
Nathan DibbernHouston - 290 Bunker 
Nick bardenRed star
Nick GowerGolar's 222nd 
Paul EllisSwissaustraly Gaming Club
Raul ValenciaN/A
Riley WellsTexas WAAC Society
Roman VargasRed Star 
Ryan bridges NGO
Shawn ProsserRed Star
Steve FoxNGO
Steve Holliday222nd 
Steven HeitmeyerVolume of Fire (VoF on ITC)
Steven R SmithTeam Zero Comp
Tedward Ohhot 
Tony BellmChaotic Stupid Gaming
Viet NguyenI Have No Friends
Vincent arroyoTeam sex panther
Walter ViningTexss waac
William IveyRedstar
Zachary Juhl Redstar